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What to Cook with Every Pot, Pan and Gadget in Your Kitchen

Instant Pot, bundt pan, loaf pan, casserole dish, slow cooker, muffin tin, cookie sheet, dutch oven
Did you know your loaf pan can be used for more than bread? Or that your Bundt pan can make delicious sandwiches? There’s a world of possibilities in your kitchen you may not even know about! We’ve picked some of our best (and surprising!) recipes for every piece of equipment in your kitchen. Whether you just bought an Instant Pot®, or you’d like some new ideas for making dinner in your slow cooker, we’ve got recipes for every pot, pan or gadget you own.

Loaf Pan

Spoiler alert: Loaf pans are not just for making bread! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you use this pan once a year for Christmas brunch, these recipes will open your eyes to all the loaf pan has to offer. It’s particularly great for making classic dinners for two and easy desserts.

Sheet Pan

If you’re looking for a ridiculously simple way to get dinner on the table in less than an hour, look no further than these sheet pan recipes! Unlike flat cookie sheets, sheet pans have rolled edges, which will help keep juices from running over into your oven while roasting your ingredients. But wait, there’s more! Your sheet pan is also the perfect option for making crowd-size desserts like our Strawberry-Lemonade Sugar Cookie Sheet-Pan Bars.

Bundt Pan

Your Bundt pan is great for making sweets (Just ask our 1,105 reviewers who gave our monkey bread 4.5 stars!). But did you know that you can use this pan to make appetizers or dinners, too? Starting with two cans of Pillsbury dough, fill our newest recipe idea—the Bundtwich—with your favorite ingredients and enjoy.

Muffin Tin

Muffin tins are no longer just used for making muffins—there’s many more recipes for you to explore! From easy appetizers and breakfasts to low-ingredient dinners, the muffin tin is reinventing how you make meals.

Slow Cooker

It’s no secret: Your slow cooker is your best friend when it comes to multitasking. This stress-free gadget does all the work for you, leaving you more time to get what needs to be done around the house. With cooking times ranging from a few hours to the whole work day, you can come home to dinner (or dessert!) without any fuss.

Instant Pot®

The Instant Pot® is guaranteed to be a new staple in your cooking rotation. With the combined powers of a pressure cooker and slow cooker in one, this gadget can help you master everything from savory soups to whole chicken. Need a refresher? Our How to use an Instant Pot® article answers all your questions.

Dutch Oven

Don’t like doing dishes? The dutch oven is your new best friend. With its unique cast-iron or ceramic design, this pot can go from your stovetop to your oven, leaving with you with fewer dishes to clean! Start with these one-pot dinners and taste just what you’ve been missing!

13x9 Casserole Dish

The old faithful 13x9 is the perfect dish for making quick weeknight dinners and portable appetizers or desserts to bring to your next party. Whether you’re craving a crescent-topped casserole or easy cheesecake bars, we’ve got just the recipes you need to try.