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Next-Level Pasta Recipes You Need to Know About

Updated December 18, 2018
These recipes go way beyond plain old noodles and sauce. Though we love a bowl of spaghetti, there are so many ways you can prepare pasta—try making a twist on lasagna in the skillet or a taco-flavored pasta in the slow cooker. You can even combine fajitas and penne into one delicious casserole dish! Sound delicious? Keep reading for all of our seriously tasty next-level pasta recipes that you need to try.
Pasta is traditionally an Italian dish. Noodles like spaghetti, ravioli, penne, lasagna and more are staples in Italian cuisine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with these types of noodles and pair them with other flavors that go beyond a delicious Bolognese sauce (psst: we do love a good Bolognese and have the recipe to prove it). That’s part of the beauty of pasta—it’s an extremely versatile dish! It can be baked in a casserole pan, simmered in a slow cooker, boiled in a pot and cooked in a skillet. Can’t get enough of these awesome pasta recipes? Don’t worry, we have plenty more pasta recipes for you to explore. The pasta-bilities are endless.