Top-Rated Casseroles That Always Deliver

Updated December 17, 2018
Let’s take a moment to honor the humble casserole. Though we love creative takes on dinner like sheet-pan meals, twists on pizza and cheesy skillet meals, nothing quite compares to casseroles, the original comfort food. Often characterized by blankets of pasta, cheese and even sometimes buttery biscuits, casseroles are like a warm hug in the winter, a familiar friend at group dinners and a reliable standby any weeknight. We love casseroles so much, we even have a handful of recipes you can make for breakfast, from egg casseroles to sweet french toast casseroles. And for you, we only serve up the best: all of these recipes are rated four stars or higher.

The word “casserole” is often used interchangeably as the name of a recipe and the name of the vessel it’s served in. Casserole pans are often deep dishes, but can take on many different shapes and sizes. Arguably the most recognizable of these is the rectangular 13x9-inch casserole pan. This pan is the perfect size for a big crowd and is also easy to transport to potlucks and holiday parties. For smaller groups, 8- or 9-inch square pans can be used for casseroles as well. The rules for a casserole “recipe” are loose, too. In the United States, a casserole recipe usually consists of a meat, various veggies, a starchy binder (like rice, pasta or biscuits) and cheese baked in a deep dish in the oven.

Casseroles are especially popular in the Midwest, and even go by other names. Fondly known as “hot dish” in states like Minnesota and North Dakota, there’s no shortage of love for this simple, yet oh-so-cozy dish. Not a big casserole fan yet? Once you try one of our top-rated recipes, you’ll see what we mean.