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Found! The Best Apple Desserts of Fall

Updated May 13, 2020
Fall is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited, because fall season means apple season.
If you are looking for an excuse to stay inside and bake all of the apple things all day long, look no further than these amazing desserts. Our Perfect Apple Pie sets the bar high, and we’ve got plenty more where that came from like apple-cinnamon cheesecake bars, apple cookie pizza and two-ingredient apple pie cups, to name a few.
Most apple varieties are in season starting early to mid September through mid October. Some of the most popular types of apples for baking include Granny Smith, Braeburn, Gala and Honeycrisp. You can go to your local apple orchard and pick ‘em fresh, but if you’re low on time, chances are you will be able to find these popular varieties at your local grocery store. Some apple types you should avoid? Save those beautiful Red Delicious apples for snacking. While they taste absolutely delicious eaten raw, Red Delicious apples don’t hold up very well while baking. McIntonish doesn’t hold up well to anything that requires a long baking time, so stay away from those apples for when you’re in the mood for recipes like apple pie. Want even more ideas for the fall baking season? We have so many apple recipes for you to try next.