Christmas Bucket List

Pillsbury’s Christmas Bucket List

It’s here! It’s here! The Christmas season is FINALLY upon us. (And, yes, it’s our favorite time of year.) Perhaps you’ve noticed the signs: twinkle lights are everywhere, your DVR is filled with Christmas movies, the flannel jammies have made their first appearance…we could go on and on! And we cherish every single one of these little signs of Christmas, because when you put them all together they add up to magical holiday memories and become the traditions you create with your family year after year.

With that in mind, we’ve created the ultimate Christmas bucket list of our most beloved Christmas traditions: the 32 things we intend to make, eat, watch, do and listen to by December 25.

Christmas memories are waiting to be made—let’s make (and bake!) some together.
Merry Christmas,
The Pillsbury team

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