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33 Amazing Canned Cinnamon Roll Recipes

Created November 29, 2023
We've gathered our best Pillsbury™ cinnamon roll hacks so you have even more ways to enjoy cinnamon rolls!

A simple way to make canned cinnamon rolls better is to hack the frosting. Try a few of these icing tricks:

  1. Stir in a teaspoon of fresh lemon or orange zest into the cinnamon roll icing before spreading it on the rolls, for a fresh burst of flavor.
  2. Chocolate fans, rejoice! Make chocolate cinnamon roll icing by stirring in ¼ cup chocolate syrup before spreading it on the rolls.
  3. Sprinkle miniature chocolate chips and/or chopped nuts over the frosted rolls before the icing has a chance to set up, for an indulgent treat.

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