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Thanksgiving Dinner - Family at the table with a turkey, wine glasses and a candle

Pillsbury's Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Are you ready to cook up family memories this holiday? Check out all the amazing recipes we pulled together for this special time of year, then get your little turkeys in the kitchen and try your hand at these easy Thanksgiving recipes. From the first bite of mashed potatoes to the last dollop of whipped cream and everything in between, we’re here to help you make this year’s meal simpler—and more enjoyable—than ever.

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Thanksgiving Prep Made Easy

Quick-Prep Your Favorite Fall Pies
Quick-Prep Your Favorite Fall Pies
Skip the store-bought sweets and serve a simple, home-baked pie instead.

Thanksgiving Menu Staples

A Simply Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish
A Simply Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish
No feast is complete without every family's favorite dinner roll.

Fuss-Free Thanksgiving Food Ideas

Classic Thanksgiving Dishes With a Twist

Browse Thanksgiving Recipes