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A Lesson in Pot Pie

Classic Chicken Pot Pie
A beginner cook faces off with a childhood favorite and comfort food staple, chicken pot pie. Spoiler alert: Things get deliciously doable. MORE+ LESS-
By Brita Nelson

Fall is finally here, and that means I want comfort food. Stat. But as a beginner in the kitchen, I think the kind of meals I want tend to look too challenging. I complained about the imagined chasm between my skill level and the food I want to my sister. She brought up how she gets her comfort food cravings covered with Progresso Chicken Pot Pie Style Soup. It’s hearty and tastes delicious, and you can’t argue with how easy it is. But although I absolutely adore chicken pot pie flavors, I was ultimately craving a flaky crust. So I was back to square one. 

Making a pot pie myself seemed out of the question. But then I found this Classic Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Many of the comments mentioned how simple and makeable the recipe was, and the pictures looked just like when my mom made it. I was convinced. Nostalgia and hunger are powerful kitchen tools. I was nervous to jump in. The recipe sounded doable, but that’s never stopped me from a kitchen disaster before. Luckily, as the other makers had predicted, the whole thing came together quickly and surprisingly easily.

Chicken carrots peas corn and pie dough in the bottom of a round pan

My sister and I devoured it. The triumph reminded me of why I love Pillsbury recipes. They’re so attainable that even if I think a recipe looks too hard for me, the meal ends up tasting amazing. And it (usually) looks like the pictures. Woo-hoo!

Classic Chicken Pot Pie

As a beginner, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. (Don’t even get me started on baking soda vs. powder.) But with Pillsbury recipes, I feel like people are looking out for me. Many of the challenging parts have been noted by scrupulous makers, and others are translated into easy-to-follow how-to articles and videos or simplified all together, like this Super Easy Chicken Pot Pie. Things like this put to rest my lingering kitchen anxiety and leave me feeling like I’m on my way to being at least an intermediate cook. 

So take it from someone who has been misreading ingredients and feeling lost in the kitchen for years. You can make one of these delicious pot pies or any of our recipes. If I can do it, you can do it. And it helps to have someone with you along the way – so why not have that someone be the Doughboy? 

How did you learn to cook? Share your tips and triumphs with me. I’d love to hear them!