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Our Kitchen-Tested Process

Created September 13, 2018
Pillsbury  -  Kitchen Teste
Ever wonder how Pillsbury recipes are made? We are pulling back the curtain so you can see the work that happens behind the scenes. Read on to learn more about our five-step recipe development process and our stellar team of kitchen experts that bring your favorite Pillsbury recipes to life.

The magic starts in the Pillsbury Kitchens at General Mills headquarters, located in Golden Valley, Minnesota. From brainstorming new food ideas to getting the bake time just right, our team is dedicated to making our recipes as easy and delicious as possible. Each new recipe follows our signature five-step process so you can make those everyday food moments with your family special and stress-free.

1. Kitchen Experts and Editors Brainstorm Ideas

Based on your feedback, current food trends and the seasons, our kitchen experts and site editors work closely together to come up with new, innovative recipe ideas that fit the Pillsbury mantra: easy, delicious and family friendly.

2. Kitchen Experts Test Recipes

Our experts start testing the winning recipe ideas, at least two, or three times in the Pillsbury Kitchens—a 7,000 square-foot facility with 19 fully equipped individual kitchens. Working carefully through each step, our experts make sure that the ingredient amounts, bake times and methods are accurate, and that the recipe is easy to follow. Together with our editors, the team tastes each and every new recipe multiple times to make sure they deliver on flavor, texture and presentation.

3. Editors Review Recipes

Our team of Pillsbury editors reviews each recipe for copy errors and accuracy. They make sure the steps and method of each recipe are easy to follow, and that there are tips and tricks included with each recipe to help each and every home cook—from novice to expert—make their dish the best it can be. The recipes are then sent back to the Pillsbury Kitchens for a final check test.

4. Recipes Get Photographed

Once a recipe has been carefully tested by the Pillsbury Kitchens and reviewed by the editors, it is then sent to the photography team. Each recipe receives a beautiful image of the completed dish, along with step shots to accompany the recipe instructions. Our photography team includes photographers, food stylists, art directors and editors. They prepare the recipe exactly as it’s written and choose the background surfaces, linens and utensils to make sure each recipe looks as great as it tastes.

5. The Recipe is Submitted for Publishing

After recipes receive their final photos, they are sent to the publishing team and go live on We share on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and on the homepage.

Pillsbury Kitchen Experts

Our team of Pillsbury Kitchen experts has decades of culinary experience and expertise. From pastry chefs and food writers to dietitians and professional instructors, this team of qualified experts works hard to bring delicious ideas to you.