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Tips for Creating a Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

Created April 27, 2021
Breakfast tray with a note, orange juice, coffee, flowers, cinnamon roll, fruit, breakfast muffin
Show Mom how much you appreciate her by creating a homemade breakfast she won't forget. Breakfast in bed is a great way to go all-out while you're staying in, engage every member of the family, and spend time doing something special together. Use these quick and easy tips to make breakfast in bed a total breeze.

What You Need

One of the key items for breakfast in bed? A beautiful serving tray. We suggest choosing a tray with handles for easy carrying and reduced chances of spilling. If you can find one with a fun color or design, that's even better! If not, add a mini bouquet of her favorite flowers to give breakfast a level-up in style.

Most importantly, you'll need utensils, napkins, and any necessary serveware. Be sure to consider the size of your tray ahead of time so you're not short on space.

Foods to Choose

Mom will love whatever her little ones create for her, but there are some tricks to help ensure breakfast in bed is a mess-free experience. Consider these elements when you're assembling your tray.


Pull together a colorful and seasonal fruit salad to start her day off. Strawberries and blueberries are great options, but feel free to customize your serving based on her favorites.


Make her breakfast extra sweet with warm, gooey, heart-shaped cinnamon rolls straight from the oven. Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are even more special when they're delivered with little hands. Plus, the kiddos can help make the hearts.

Easy-to-eat Meal

Since she'll be sitting in bed (and hoping for a crumb-free meal), make a breakfast that can be handled easily. A golden-brown biscuit sandwich with egg, cheese, and bacon is a beloved breakfast staple that's as easy for her to eat as it is for the kids to assemble. You might also consider making a finger-food-inspired option that makes for enjoyable, mess-free eating.


Many moms would agree that they love their morning cup of coffee, especially when they can drink it while it's hot. Serve up her morning go-to just how she likes it, whether that's no-nonsense or loaded up with cream and sugar. You might also consider topping off your breakfast spread with a classic glass of orange juice.

Homemade Cards

While the gesture of breakfast in bed will light Mom up, it's really the hugs and love from the kiddos that keep her going. Capture those emotions in handmade cards that she can keep for years to come.

Mother's Day isn't about what you do, but rather who you spend it with. While you're planning something special for Mom, be sure to enjoy the process and don't take anything too seriously. No matter what happens, it'll be a day to remember.