How to Ship Your Christmas Cookies

Created October 25, 2018
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From which cookies to bake to the best way to package cookies, we’ve got all the tips you need to share the love this holiday season. MORE+ LESS-

Want to spread the holiday cheer to those who can’t celebrate with you in person? You can mail cookies to anyone by following these tips! All you need is a few household items, a pen and some cookies, and your friends are just a few days away from receiving a taste of the holidays.

Best Way to Package the Cookies Before Shipping

First, let your cookies cool completely before packaging them for delivery. Warm cookies are harder to handle and cookies can shift in the box, creating a massive cookie blob. When you’re ready to send your cookies, pack them in a firm-sided cardboard, metal or plastic container lined with plastic wrap or foil. Insulate the sides of the container with a “wall” of crumpled waxed paper. Place waxed paper between each layer or wrap cookies in pairs, flat sides together. For extra protection, place the container in a larger box padded on all sides, with crumpled paper or packing material. Wrap the box securely and mark it “perishable” and send it on its way.

Best Way to Ship Cookies

No one likes a stale cookie. For best results, bake and ship your goodies the same day you bake them. When mailing baked goods, choosing Priorirty Mail is a good option. Using this shipping method generally takes 2 to 3 days if mailed in the United States. For optimum freshness, you can select next-day delivery for your cookies.

Best Christmas Cookies to Ship

When planning which cookies to mail, choose moist, firm-textured cookies that will remain fresh and in one piece during transport. The best choices include drop cookies, unfrosted bars, fudgy brownies and other sturdy treats. Here are some cookie recipes to get you started.

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