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Shrimp Po’Boy Poppers How-To

Shrimp Po' Boy Poppers
Blogger Amy Erickson shares a bite of the bayou with her party-perfect app. MORE+ LESS-
By Amy Erickson

Have I got something for you. Here’s an easy, bayou-inspired appetizer, bringing all that big-sandwich flavor right to the palm of your hand. Make a batch of these and channel the Big Easy! 

Peel and clean the shrimp, but make sure to leave the tail on. Gently butterfly each shrimp by running a knife down the shrimp to open it up.

Raw shrimp with the tail on and a knife

Do not cut all the way through, spread the shrimp open so it can sit tail up.

Raw, tail on shrimp

Dust the shrimp with seafood seasoning. This is what will give your poppers their flavor, so be generous!

Raw shrimp with seasoning salt

Slice each Pillsbury Crescent triangle into two equal pieces.

Cutting crescent dough

And place a shrimp onto the wide end, tail side up.

Raw shrimp on the shortest end of a slice of crescent dough

Now, roll the shrimp inside the crescent and set it onto a baking sheet with the tail up.

Crescent dough wrapped around a shrimp

Brush some olive oil onto each crescent.

Pouring olive oil over shrimp wrapped crescent dough in a muffin tin

Bake them at 350°F for approximately 12-15 minutes, until the shrimp have turned pink and the crescents are lightly golden and firm. 

Serve with coleslaw and hot sauce for an extra kick!