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Steak Fajitas on the Fly How-To

Steak Fajitas on the Fly
Spice up your dinner routine with these quick and tasty Steak and Poblano Fajitas on the fly! MORE+ LESS-

Are you in a “Taco Tuesday” rut? Jazz up your weeknight with these spicy Steak Fajitas on the Fly, and then cool it down with the creamy sour cream sauce on top! 

Quick fajitas are one of those meals that I lean on for nights when I’m tired of cooking and just want a nice dinner without having to think. They cover all my mealtime requirements: vegetables, protein, easy and tasty. 

Poblano peppers are the larger, darker green peppers that look almost like a green bell pepper, but with a pointier end. They have some heat to them, so make sure to handle them with care, and wash your hands well. They pair perfectly with a good cut of steak, so I knew this combination would be a winner.

Strips of green pepper and streak on a cutting board.

Combine the steak strips with the juice of one lime, a little cumin and salt. Let the steak sit while you work on slightly charring the pepper strips. 

The trick to getting a good charred pepper is to heat your cast iron skillet on a high heat until it starts to smoke. Reduce the heat down to a medium low; those cast iron skillets retain a lot of heat so it will still be really hot. Toss in your peppers and let them sit for a minute before you stir gently. The peppers will start to blister and pop slightly. Just a little bit longer and they’ll soften slightly to the perfect fajita pepper texture.

Strips of green pepper in a skillet on the stove.

Once the peppers are done remove them from your skillet to a covered bowl to keep warm. Toss in the steak strips and quickly cook them on each side until no longer pink. Remove them from the skillet to a covered bowl to keep warm too.

Cooked strips of steak in a bowl

To make the sour cream sauce just combine the sour cream, cumin and green chilies in a blender or food processor and pulse until well blended.

Sour cream, cumin, green chilies in a blender

Warm up the tortillas according to package instructions and fill with some peppers, steak and a little sour cream sauce on top! How quick and easy was that!?

Steak Fajitas on the Fly