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Genius French Toast Recipes That Are Worth Waking Up For

Created March 19, 2018
Move over, pancakes: These French toast recipes will be the new star of your weekend brunch spread! French toast is an impressive-looking (and -tasting) dish that’s surprisingly easy to make; it can also help you use up dry bread and other ingredients you have in your pantry. Whether you want to give your French toast bake a decadent twist with chocolate and cream cheese or give it the savory treatment with bacon and cheese, there’s a delicious recipe in this collection for every taste.
The best bread for making French toast is usually dry bread with a hard crust; breads like French loaf, challah and brioche are all great choices. Breads that aren’t as sturdy and are sliced too thick will disintegrate or turn to mush, and nobody wants a mushy French toast mess! Make sure the slices are thick and the bread is dry—the drier the bread, the more it will be able to soak up the homemade custard base made from eggs and milk, which ultimately means a more delicious French toast (just make sure your bread isn’t too old or moldy!). French toast is the perfect dish to serve to a crowd, and though it’s not hard to do, you’ll want to do it right. Read on for our guide to how to serve French toast to a crowd to whip up a delicious French toast casserole for your guests without any issues, every time.