Pie-Inspired Fruit Salad

By Carrian Cheney
Created December 8, 2016
Banana Cream Pie Fruit Salad

Our littlest daughter is fruit-salad obsessed. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a bowl of fruit or a creamy fruit salad, she wants to devour it. I know we should be thrilled she loves fruit, but sometimes the same thing multiple times a week gets old. 

My oldest daughter and I whipped up his new version. It’s simple, the berries are juicy and vibrant and both kids and adults like it – which is a major win in our house.

Banana Cream Pie Fruit Salad

This quick recipe comes together with ingredients we always have in the kitchen: fruit (see note above) yogurt, and pudding mix. We just happened to have Yoplait Light Banana Cream Pie. 

Yogurt and pudding mix in a bowl

It couldn’t be easier. Just stir the pudding and yogurt together until smooth. Next, grab your fruit and carefully fold it into the mixture. You can let it rest in the fridge or serve immediately.