3-Ingredient Surprise-Inside Crescent Eggs

By Dorothy Kern
Created December 8, 2016
Surprise-Inside Crescent Eggs
Take the surprise of the Easter egg hunt to the next level with sweet, stuffed crescents. MORE+ LESS-

When my daughter saw these egg-shaped buns on the counter, her eyes lit up and she immediately asked for one. Of course, I obliged, and was waiting for her reaction when she bit into the roll.

“There’s CHOCOLATE inside!!” she exclaimed.

That’s right! What better way to surprise your kids on Easter morning than give them a fun-shaped crescent with a chocolaty surprise inside? Hint: not many!

Surprise-Inside Crescent Eggs

This sweet version of dinner rolls would be a fun and delicious addition to your Easter table this year. Even though these come together in minutes, it might be hard to visualize the method, so I took extra photos to help you see just how easy it can be!

First, unroll each of the crescent triangles. Next, fill the large end with 1/2 tablespoon of mini chocolate chips. I love chocolate in pretty much anything, but you don’t have to use chocolate chips if you don’t want to. This recipe is more of a method than an actual recipe - use whatever filler you want. Peanut butter, jam, your favorite candy; anything would be great inside these rolls.

Add Mini Chocolates to Each Triangle

Once you fill the end of the triangle, you need to roll it up into an egg shape. Fold the fat end and sides of the Crescent over the filling.

Roll Up Crescent

Then pick up the pointed end and fold it over the filled end. Continue wrapping the end of the triangle around the roll until you have one little round ball.

Fold Up Crescent

Then pick up the Crescent and roll it between the palms of your hand to form a sealed egg shape.

Roll Into an Egg Shape

Repeat with the remaining rolls and place on a cookie sheet. Bake them at 375°F until they’re golden, about 8 minutes. Then let them cool.

Bake Until Golden Brown

Now it’s time for some fun! Melt some canned vanilla (or your favorite flavor) frosting in a small microwave safe bowl, about 1/4 cup. Dip each “egg” upside down in the frosting. While it’s wet, sprinkle with fun colored sugars or sprinkles.

Sprinkle with Fun Colored Sugars

That’s it! Can you imagine the looks on your kid’s faces when they see an Easter basket of these on your brunch table this April? What will hide inside your crescent “eggs?”