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Forget Messy Wings: Buffalo Chicken Bombs

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Bombs
Ditch the sticky fingers and pesky bones for these delicious, two-bite biscuit bombs! MORE+ LESS-

For the past several years my family and I have had a tradition that whenever we order pizza, we always order a side of buffalo wings. Even my four kids get in on the action and devour some serious wings. So it’s no wonder they went BONKERS for the Buffalo Chicken Monkey Bread I created earlier this year.

I decided it was time for an all-new facelift for the classic buffalo wing, so I married all the delicious flavors together, stuffed it inside a Pillsbury Biscuit, wrapped it in bacon, and then fried. Naturally.

Creamy Buffalo Chicken Bombs

To start, simply toss some cooked, shredded chicken breast in a little buffalo sauce and ranch dressing (for some extra creaminess). Place the yummy mixture on top of a flattened biscuit, add a little mozzarella cheese and then wrap it up!

Biscuit dough topped with shredded buffalo chicken and mozzarella cheese

Secure the bundle with a strip of bacon and a toothpick, then get ready to fry them until golden brown and delicious!

Biscuit dough ball wrapped with bacon and secured with a toothpick

The insides get super melty and cheesy with the help of the mozzarella, while the buffalo chicken gives it a good zippy bite of flavor. We couldn’t get enough of this delicious rendition of a buffalo wing, and my kids quickly dubbed these, “better than the original!”