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Honey Avocado Grilled Chicken Drummies How-To

finished grilled chicken drummies with avocado-honey sauce and buttered biscuit
Blogger Carrian Cheney shares an easy recipe for grilled drummies. Serve with biscuits dripping with butter and more honey. MORE+ LESS-
By Carrian Cheney

Am I the only one feeling like summer is slipping through my fingers? I almost wish there was some way to make my fingers sticky enough that I could grab onto summer and make it stay around forever. Our friends say we should move to Arizona because it's so perfect during the year, but the summers make me a little nervous. Maybe San Diego? It seems lovely all year round. Either way, Utah is where we are and the snow is inevitable, so the hubby and I have been grilling up a storm before the grill is literally buried in the snow.

Not only have we been grilling a lot, but we decided we wanted to find a few over-the-top delicious recipes. Not just "good," or "yummy," but recipes so finger-lickin' good that we just can't wait to make them every summer. And guess what? I get to take alllll of the credit on this one. Plus we added a bunch of flaky biscuits dripping with sweet butter and honey.

honey-buttered biscuit

First we tossed the chicken with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. This was to ensure the chicken wouldn't stick to the grill, plus season the chicken and give it nicely browned, crisp skin. Grilling drumsticks is easy because they are small with a handle to turn them, but the dark meat with a bone means it's going to take a little time to cook through. So although they are small, you'll still want to give them a good 10-12 minutes.

seasoned chicken drummies grilling

This sauce is seriously delicious and I'm already thinking up new ways to use it, and if you try a new way I'd love to know! Basically I let a blender do all of the work. I knew I wanted it to be a sauce that would coat the chicken and be thick and sticky because, let's face it, that's delicious. So I chose to throw in avocado for creamy, cool flavor, spices to give depth and spice, and honey for the sweet sticky factor. But, that wasn't enough so I added lime zest and juice to brighten up the whole sauce.

Coating grilled chicken drummies with honey-avocado sauce

Just blend the sauce, cook the chicken and toss everything together. You'll for sure want to invite the whole neighborhood over so they can pour out the compliments on your cooking. Or, if you're really hungry, just go hide in the kitchen with a big pile of drumsticks and biscuits with a pat of sweet butter and honey, and a good book or movie. It will be like you're taking yourself out on the best date ever. Enjoy it.