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Cluck to It: Mini Chicken Crescent Buns

Kids are guaranteed to eat these uber-cute and easy-to-assemble chicken bites. MORE+ LESS-

I can’t get over how fun these Mini Chicken Buns are! It couldn’t be easier to stuff a kid-favorite chicken nugget inside of a flaky crescent roll, then shape ‘em to look like baby chicks. But seriously, how fun would it be to make these with the kids for Easter?!

Mini Chicken Buns

My kids love helping make recipes, and this one is seriously a no brainer. Just start by unrolling a tube of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, press the seams closed and then cut the dough into 8 equal squares.

Unroll the tube of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Place a fully-cooked chicken nugget (make sure they’re the fully cooked ones!) in the center of each crescent square. Pull the edges of the dough around the chicken nugget and pinch the dough closed to enclose the nugget. You’ll need 8 nuggets; one for each crescent.

Place a Chicken Nugget in the Center of Each Crescent Square

Place the mini chicken buns seam side down on a lined baking sheet and then decorate the chicks by adding some black olives for eyes and matchstick carrots for a beak!

Place Seam Side Down and Decorate the Chicks with Black Olives and Carrots

Bake the chicken buns until they’re golden brown and serve them with ketchup if desired!

Bake the Chicken Buns Until they’re Golden Brown