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Easiest-Ever Pies Handpicked For the Holiday Season

Created October 7, 2019
Rest easy: We scoured the internet for you and rounded up all the best pies to make this holiday season. The best part? You don’t even have to make the crust. Or own a pie pan. (When we say “easiest-ever,” we mean it!)

With Pillsbury™ Pet-Ritz® pie crusts, we take all the work out of prepping the base of a pie so you can focus on the most fun part—the filling (well, besides eating it, of course).

Plus, with a Pet-Ritz® pie crust base, you’ve already got a foil pan that’s ready for travel: It’s both unbreakable and disposable, so you can transport your pie stress-free and you don’t need to leave your favorite pie dish with your host in hopes that you’ll get it back one of these days.

From a black-bottom cheesecake pie to a festival-winning sweet potato pie, we have plenty of recipes for pie novices and pros alike to prepare this holiday season. The hardest part, really, is choosing which one to make (hint: Since they’re so easy, you can make more than one!).