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The Doughboy’s Favorite Kids-In-Charge Dinner: Appetizers for Dinner

Updated November 7, 2019
The Pillsbury Doughboy, mini crescent dogs, pull-apart crescent Christmas Tree
An entire meal made only of appetizers? This has the makings of a Christmas tradition all over it (plus the Doughboy’s official seal of approval). Try it tonight!

When you’re a kid, you love any chance to feel like more of a grown-up—“I’m not six and a half, I’m six and three quarters!”—and at Christmas, getting to plan a special activity for the whole family might just be the best grown-up feeling of them all.

This year, the Doughboy’s favorite way to put kids in charge for the night is a choose-your-own-adventure Snack Dinner made up entirely of the most fun part of any meal: the appetizers. If you’ve ever ordered multiple appetizers instead of a single entrée at a restaurant, you know how delicious this can be. And part of what makes it so good is the feeling that you’re breaking the rules just a tiny bit, and turning the “fun food” part of the meal into the main course.

So take a night off from meal planning and let your kids experience the joy and pride of planning a special holiday meal with the Doughboy’s favorite dinner plan—a whole night of low-prep, high happiness appetizers.

The key with choosing your appetizer menu is to select appetizers that are both fun and filling, so we’ve rounded up some of our best to get you started. (Bonus: They all prep in under 35 minutes). To keep it simple and easy, ask the little ones in your family to each circle two or three of their favorites on our printable menu:

Free Printable Dinner Menu
Free Printable Dinner Menu
Download our printable appetizer list and have the little ones choose dinner tonight!

Then, spend a few hours together laughing and baking in the kitchen as everyone prepares dinner together. Even more important than the food itself is turning the prep process into a family activity, because when you cook together, you don’t just make a meal—you also make memories. And we’re willing to bet it will be one of your kids’ favorite Christmas memories this season, because they helped plan it.

Doughboy Party Tip
Doughboy Party Tip
Add to the “anything goes” fun of your snack feast and turn it into a picnic on the living room floor (and for a dress code, might we suggest “Christmas Jammies Casual”?).
The 50 Easiest Christmas Appetizers
The 50 Easiest Christmas Appetizers
Hungry for even more appetizer ideas? Check out our 50 easiest Christmas appetizer recipes that pair perfectly with your family night, your holiday grazing table or your next dinner party.