How I’m Serving Onion and Oregano Beef Pot Roast

By Natalie Boike
Created December 8, 2016
Onion and Oregano Beef Pot Roast
This easy-to-assemble dinner is the ultimate recipe for lazy Sundays at home. MORE+ LESS-
Onion and Oregano Beef Pot Roast

There’s something so warming about a pot roast; it’s one of my favorite meals for Sunday supper. It reminds me of childhood days on the farm that were so cold we’d all cozy under blankets on the couch while we waited for dinner. Now as a busy mom, I realize the true benefit of the meal. You toss everything in the slow cooker and it cooks low and slow with hardly any effort.

Here's how I make it my own:

  • Try Progresso Beef Broth (instead of water) for a more flavorful sauce. 
  • Instead of oregano, use herbes de Provence – a fancy name for a French blend of herbs that adds a ton of flavor to almost any dinner.
  • Serve with a freshly baked Pillsbury French Loaf with a little goat cheese on top. Trust me; it’s delicious!