Loving the Rollwich

By Kate Rogers
Created December 8, 2016
Juicy Lucy Rollwich
It’s time to come clean about something. I love the Juicy Lucy Rollwich, and this is why. MORE+ LESS-

I’m on a renewed mission to be more direct. Less consternation, more conviction. It’s time. I’ll start with an easy one. Rollwiches! I love them. I’ve been extremely excited about this and other recipes in our fall lookbook since we wrapped work on it last summer. 

We packed the lookbook to the gills with fresh ideas for comfort cooking that are true to the Pillsbury mission of “everyday easy.” It’s got new recipes for your slow cooker, Saturday morning sweets, skillet pot pies and more. Nothing complicated, everything delicious. But about those rollwiches. 

We stuffed and rolled pizza dough with crave-worthy popular sandwich fillings. The result? A two-fer: a family-friendly weeknight dinner and a super simple crowd-pleasing party dish.

I can’t get enough. In order to put the recipe’s ease to the test, I took all the ingredients for the Juicy Lucy Rollwich to my brother- and sister-in-law’s house for football Sunday. Since it’s always a little delicate to cook in someone else’s kitchen, I needed something I knew would leave a light footprint. 

It worked. My brother-in-law had chili simmering on the stove while I chopped an onion and cooked ground beef. I quickly rolled everything together in the pizza crust and threw it in the oven for about 30 minutes. My sister-in-law and I even had time to cut flowers and sip Prosecco while it baked.

Flowers in a vase with a wine glass and scissors

Doesn’t that look serene? The rollwich came out of the oven to oohs and aahs. We couldn’t wait to dig in.

Juicy Lucy Rollwich

I brought a plate to my glued-to-the-TV-husband. He was excited about the, um, ease of eating. You don’t even need to mess with forks and knives if you don’t want to.

Juicy Lucy Rollwich

I can’t recommend these babies enough. If you try them, tell me what you think. Be direct about it!