DIY Snackadium

Created December 8, 2016
Get your fans revved up with easy at-home versions for game day. MORE+ LESS-

Building Materials

building materials

Here's what you’ll need to make the base of your snackadium:

  • 1 (15x10-inch) disposable cookie sheet for the field.
  • 6 (approximately 4x8-inch) disposable loaf pans to ring the field as stands. Create stadium seating by cutting the short sides of the loaf pans at an angle towards the front. Then cut off the front of the pan, leaving a 1/2- to 1-inch lip (see photo).
  • 4 glass storage containers placed at the corners to hold dip. (Bowls or wide-mouthed glasses also work.)

Football Field: Pizza Version

Pizza Football Field

To create a pizza field, make one Football Pizza and serve it on the disposable cookie sheet (in “building materials,” above) or other pan.

Football Field: Dip Version

Dip Version Football Field

To create a field of dips, fill the disposable cookie sheet (in "building materials," above) with 6 to 8 cups of your favorite dip (we used guacamole). You can pipe sour cream stripes onto the dip with a pastry bag. Or fill a plastic food storage bag with sour cream, snip off a small corner and pipe.

Recipes to Use

close up of some crescent dogs and sandwiches

Once you’ve finished the base, it’s time for the real fun: adding the snacks. Here are the recipes we used to fill the stands and surround the snackadium:

  • Mini Crescent Dogs — One recipe made enough Mini Crescent Dogs (48) to fill two of the disposable loaf pans. (You may want to save a few to use as players on the field.)
  • Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels — One recipe made enough pinwheels (16) to fill one of the disposable loaf pans.
  • Crescent Pizza Pockets — One recipe made enough pockets (4, each cut in half) to fill one of the disposable loaf pans.
  • Italian Seasoned Super Sub — We made 7 of these, cutting each one in half for a total of 14 big sandwiches that we placed around the outside of the snackadium. You can cut them into more servings, if desired.

Snacks to Serve

In addition to the baked snacks above, we filled our snackadium with a variety of chips and dips:

  • Chex Mix (Traditional)
  • Bugles (Original)
  • Old El Paso Salsa (Thick and Chunky)
  • Cheese dip
  • Sour cream
  • Guacamole

Goalpost & Flag How-To

cutting out the goal posts

It's the little extras that will set your snackadium apart. Here's how to make tasty and dippable goalposts and flagpoles from breadsticks:

  • Place 12 Pillsbury breadsticks (1 can) on 2 ungreased baking pans (6 per pan); press each one into an 8- to 9-inch-long stick. With a knife, cut 4 of the breadsticks in half lengthwise to make narrower sticks; separate. Bake as directed on the can; cool.
  • For each goalpost, use 2 regular-size breadsticks for the outside posts (uprights). Cut a narrower bread stick in half (the crossbar) and secure to the breadstick posts with toothpicks. Make a base by securing the uprights to a regular-size breadstick with toothpicks.
  • To make the flagpoles, cut 4 pieces from the regular breadsticks to act as bases. Secure 1 narrow breadstick to each base with toothpicks to create the pole. (You may have to adjust the flagpoles a little to make sure they can stand on their own.) To make the flags, cut out 2 triangular-shaped flags from colored paper; glue together with a toothpick in between. Push the toothpick into the top of each narrow breadstick.
  • You'll have extra breadsticks, which come in handy if you make a mistake or just want to start dipping early!

Snackadium Inspiration

photo of a completed snackadium

We reached out to bloggers with a challenge to make snackadiums of their own. Check out this roundup of cool ideas. 

  • Life Tastes Like Food: A snack-filled stadium with a retractable bacon dome? Oh. Yum. (And scroll down for the beer can blimp.)
  • Crazy for Crust: Forget the snacks and go right for dessert with this sweet version.
  • Ambitious Kitchen: This ultimate game day feast features crunchy snacks and slow-cooked apps.
  • 52 Kitchen Adventures: Skewered veggies and salami ring the stands, while guacamole and hummus take over the playing field.