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The Doughboy’s Favorite Old-World Flavors: European Christmas Cookies

Updated November 15, 2019
Everyone loves an old-fashioned Christmas—so don’t forget the old-fashioned cookies! Take your tastebuds on an international trip without ever leaving your kitchen.

Old-fashioned European Christmas traditions have seen a surge in popularity stateside in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. From open-air holiday markets brimming with fragrant treats and handmade wares to annual productions of “A Christmas Carol” and “The Nutcracker,” these heirloom Christmas traditions bring an extra dose of wonder and charm to an already magical holiday that we can’t help but embrace for ourselves here in America. That’s why this year, the Doughboy is bringing that same sense of festivity into your home (and onto your dessert tray) the best way he knows how—with cookies!

From jam-filled kolaczki cookies that look like little jewels on a cookie tray to a centuries-old German almond cookie recipe that has stood the test of time, this Christmas, we’re joining the Doughboy in celebrating our favorite old-world flavors in the form of six all-new, internationally inspired Christmas cookies. Each recipe features the classic European flavors we love to eat during the holidays—cardamom, allspice, poppy seed, almond, toasted pecans, gooey meringue and more—in our signature, easy-to-bake way.

So this year, embrace those heartwarming European Christmas festivities the Doughboy loves so much and give your own cookie platter a little global flair alongside your traditional favorites. It’ll have your friends and family saying “Bravo!” and “Danke schön!” after just one bite.

Pro Tips for Perfect Cookies
Pro Tips for Perfect Cookies
We tried a bunch of cookie-baking hacks, and here’s what actually worked.
Start with sugar cookie dough!
Start with sugar cookie dough!
Skip the airport and take a trip straight to the refrigerated section of your grocery store to pick up Pillsbury™ sugar cookie dough. It’s the secret ingredient we use in most of our European Christmas cookie recipes that makes them so easy and so delicious.

Keep The Cookies Coming!