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Every Delicious New Product That Pillsbury Has Launched in 2019

Created July 12, 2019
Pillsbury™ Sweet Biscuits, Pillsbury™  Place and Bake Brownies,   Pillsbury™ Filled Crescents
It’s been a big year for Pillsbury! In summer 2019, we released THREE sweet new treats for families to enjoy together. Here’s what we baked up!

Baking lovers nationwide can now enjoy three new, quick and easy homemade treats: Pillsbury™ Place & Bake Brownies, Pillsbury™ Sweet Biscuits with Icing and Pillsbury™ Filled Crescents!

From our first-ever ready-to-bake brownies to all-inclusive recipe kits, here’s everything you need to know about these delicious new products:

NEW! Pillsbury™ Place and Bake Brownies

Do you L-O-V-E brownies? Then our New Place and Bake Brownies—a delicious, quick-fix version of a homemade family favorite—are going to be your new best friend.

Pillsbury™ Place And Bake™ Brownies

What they are: Delicious pieces of fudgy brownie dough that are ready to go right in the oven, with zero mess and zero prep time. Each package includes 12 brownie dough rounds, which are completely baked in about 20 minutes.


Why we love them: They’re so versatile! Bake in lined muffin pans for individual brownies, press them together in a square brownie pan for a chewier bar with crispy edges, or use them to make incredible desserts like ice cream-topped brownie sundaes and layered cheesecake brownie bars:

Suggested retail price: $3.29 for a package of 12 brownies


NEW! Pillsbury™ Sweet Biscuits with Icing

We’re not just biscuit experts here at Pillsbury, we’re also major biscuit fans. So you can imagine how excited we are to share Sweet Biscuits—a true Southern specialty—with fellow biscuit lovers everywhere.

 Pillsbury™  Sweet Biscuits

What they are: Sweet Biscuits with Icing combine the distinct, unique texture of our famous biscuits with beloved muffin flavors and the fan-favorite icing from our cinnamon rolls—a truly winning trifecta.


Why we love them: They’re freshly baked in just 15 minutes, and are perfect as part of your family’s breakfast or as a sweet treat any time of day. And just like our original biscuits, they’re awesome all on their own, but can also be used to make monkey bread, waffles, breakfast casseroles and more:

(And, yes, you can even make them in an air fryer!)

Suggested retail price: $2.69 per 8-count can


NEW! Pillsbury™ Filled Crescents

Pillsbury™ Filled Crescents take a good thing (flaky, freshly baked crescents) and make it even better (with warm apple or cherry filling and a drizzle of icing).

Pillsbury™ Filled Crescents

What they are: All-inclusive kits for making DIY filled crescents—perfect for an afternoon snack, weekend brunch or easy-but-decadent dessert. Each kit contains a can of crescent rolls, a packet of fruit filling, and a packet of icing.


Why we love them: The name says it all! But they’re not just delicious; they’re also an all-in-one kitchen activity you can do with the kids. There’s no measuring or extra ingredients required, so you can get straight to the fun of putting them together, and they’re ready to go in the oven in just 5 minutes. (That’s basically instant gratification!)

Frosting Pillsbury™ Filled Crescents

Suggested retail price: $2.99 per package (includes 8-count crescents, fruit filling and icing)