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Orange Crème Yogurt Shake How-To

Blogger Jocelyn Delk Adams shares a dreamy treat you can feel good about.

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Childhood nostalgia often inspires my recipes. That‘s what happened here when I found myself daydreaming about my family’s annual summer trips to the local ice cream parlor. They had the richest, creamiest milkshakes I’ve ever tasted. To this day, orangesicle, dreamsicle and creamsicle flavors overwhelm my memory whenever I see an ice cream truck passing by. 

I desperately wanted to create a milkshake that reminded me of those fun times, just without the guilt. Using Yoplait Light Orange Creme was the perfect solution. It’s delicious with the perfect amount of citrus flavor. I also added frozen banana which mimics the creaminess and richness of ice cream. After blending in milk, orange juice and vanilla extract, I had a classic milkshake that was simple to prepare, quick to throw together, fun to make and satisfying without the calories. While drinking it, it felt like a whimsical walk down memory lane that also does a body good. 

Add all ingredients into your blender.

Blend on high speed for 30-60 seconds until thick and smooth.
Pour shake mixture into 2 serving glasses and enjoy immediately.
Jocelyn Delk Adams

About Jocelyn Delk Adams of Grandbaby Cakes

Jocelyn wants to help a new generation of bakers to "not feel guilty about enjoying dessert," and spends her time whipping up old classics, new favorites and must-try trend desserts in an easy, accessible way.

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