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Chocolate French Toast Sticks How-To

Chocolate French Toast Sticks
Start your day on a happy note with chocolate-stuffed French Toast bites. MORE+ LESS-
By Roxana Yawgel

Chocolate should have its own food group on the pyramid, don't you think? We should be able to enjoy it for breakfast without feeling too guilty. There has been a lot of research that finds chocolate makes us happier, so why not enjoy some first thing in the morning? 

I've made these Chocolate French Toast Sticks twice in a week. The first time I used only a few chocolate chips, the second time I loaded them up. You can't go wrong with more chocolate! Use dark, semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips. Or try a combo! Throw in some caramel bits or peanut butter chips if you prefer. Whatever you decide to use, it will taste amazing! 

When you read the directions the recipe may sound a little complicated, but trust me - it's very easy! You only need a handful of ingredients.

Pillsbury Breadstick dough, chocolate chips, egg, cream, sugar

To make things easier, I usually bake the Pillsbury breadsticks the night before and let them cool on the counter overnight. In the morning I just soak the bread in the eggy cream mixture, stuff with chocolate and enjoy. 

You have to keep in mind that the more cream the bread absorbs, the better it will turn out. I found if I press gently on the sticks in the cream mixture, the crust gently cracks, allowing the cream to soak in better.

Breadsticks dipped in egg mixture, filled with chocolate chips

Like all good things in life, you have to work a little. It takes few minutes to stuff all the sticks with the chocolate chips but it's worth it. 

Once you have hidden all the chocolate chips inside the sticks it's time to bake them for few minutes, just enough to cook the egg and melt the chocolate chips. It also gives you plenty of time to brew some fresh coffee.

Breadsticks split down the middle, filled with chocolate chips on a baking sheet

Remove the French toast sticks from the oven, drizzle some chocolate syrup on top, then take a big bite. Your day looks better already!