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Turkey Leftovers to Love

Created December 8, 2016
turkey dinner pizza
When you've reached sandwich overload, turn what's left from Thanksgiving into a biscuit topper, pizza, soup and more. MORE+ LESS-

Turkey leftover recipes so good, you'll wish you had cooked an extra bird!

The second time around can be just as fab as your holiday meal... Maybe even better! Store your Thanksgiving leftovers carefully, think beyond your usual leftover stand-bys, and you may find yourself looking forward to the day after. Reinvent your leftovers with Turkey Dinner Pizza or Leftover Turkey Crescent Bake, or try any of our tempting turkey ideas.

Keep it safe: Ten tips for storing leftovers

Pack up your holiday meal leftovers within two hours of serving.

Use shallow containers so food can cool quickly in the refrigerator or freezer.

Keep the refrigerated leftovers only 3 or 4 days - gravy only 1 or 2 days. Freeze leftovers as soon as you can.

Store turkey and stuffing separately.

Reheat leftovers until hot and steaming. Don't reheat in a slow cooker.

Freeze at 0 degrees. At that temp, your leftovers should be good for up to four months.

Keep your leftovers free of freezer burn by squeezing the air out of filled freezer bags before you seal them.

Refrigerate and freeze juicy foods in storage containers so the juices won't leak onto other foods.

Mark your freezer containers with the contents and the date you packed them up. 

Defrost frozen foods in the refrigerator, never at room temperature.

How long can I keep leftovers? 

Download and save a handy reference chart from Ziploc® storage containers , so you can enjoy leftovers at their best!