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9 Genius Kitchen Gadget Tips That Will Save You Time and Space This Thanksgiving

Created March 21, 2023
Slow Cooker, Air Fryer, Instant Pot
Be prepared for Thanksgiving this year with these helpful hacks.

We know of three gadgets that will help you survive Thanksgiving with a smile—your slow cooker, Instant Pot® and air fryer. If you’ve got any of these countertop appliances in your kitchen, we’ve got you (and your sanity) covered.

Slow Cooker

Ah, yes, the mighty slow cooker. If you’ve got one, there’s no need to stress during this Thanksgiving (and if you don’t, here’s one of our favorites)! We’ve got three simple slow cooker hacks you can use to save you time and effort (and space!) this year.

Tip #1: Keep Your Crescent Rolls Warm in Your Slow Cooker

Made crescents ahead of your dinner? Not to worry! There’s no need to microwave your crescents or keep them warm in the oven when your trusty slow cooker comes in handy. To reheat crescent rolls, line the bottom of your slow cooker insert with a damp, clean kitchen towel. Place your baked crescents in the slow cooker and cover the top with a second damp, clean towel. Cover your slow cooker with the lid and set heat to Low for up to 30 minutes. Bonus: You can keep them on the Warm setting for up to 2 hours before serving!

Tip #2: Keep Your Sliced Turkey Warm in Your Slow Cooker

Crescents aren’t the only thing that keep well in the slow cooker. Want to keep the prized bird warm and fresh for dinner? While oven-roasted turkey can dry out if it’s not served quickly, this slow-cooker turkey breast recipe keeps your turkey juicy and ready-to-eat with just two simple steps. Bonus: If you need more time before serving, adjust your slow cooker’s heat to the Warm setting.

Tip #3: Save Space in Your Oven with These Slow-Cooker Recipes

Whether you’re taking your dishes to relatives or hosting Thanksgiving yourself, oven space is always a priority wherever you are. Avoid any oven over-crowding by making one of these slow-cooker recipes.

Instant Pot®

Tip #4: Spend Less Time Baking and Cleaning with Your Instant Pot®

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for the Instant Pot® for shorter cook times and less cleanup than traditional oven times. That means no scrubbing your oven or washing a sheet pan! For example, our Instant Pot® Turkey Breast with Gravy is ready in a little over an hour. Better yet, our recipe for Instant Pot® Mashed Potatoes is ready in 50 minutes flat and you can leave it in the Instant Pot® on WARM for up to 2 hours.

Tip #5: Save Space in Your Oven with These Instant Pot® Recipes

We’ve handpicked some of our favorite Thanksgiving staples that you can make in your Instant Pot® and avoid all the cleanup and fighting for oven space.

Air Fryer

Tip #6: Make Your Crescent Rolls in the Air Fryer

Surprise! You can make this classic Thanksgiving side in your air fryer. We tested a variety of Pillsbury products in the air fryer, and the crescents did not disappoint. For perfectly buttery, flaky, golden-all-over crescent rolls, line your air fryer with parchment paper. Bake four crescent rolls at a time for 5 minutes. Remove the air fryer basket, flip crescents over on parchment paper and bake for an additional 4 to 6 minutes. Yes, it’s that easy and you don’t need your oven at all. Bonus: Don’t forget you can keep them warm in the slow cooker!

Tip #7: Free Up Your Oven with These Air Fryer Recipes

From deliciously crispy rosemary potatoes to dessert-ready pumpkin-cream cheese crescent pockets, you won’t have to rely on your oven for these tasty recipes.

Extra Tips

Now that you’ve learned a few Thanksgiving tricks with your three new favorite kitchen appliances, we’ve got a couple more extra tips to throw your way!

Tip #8: Have Gravy, Will Travel

Want to take your Thanksgiving dish on the road without it getting soggy? Pour your hot gravy into a thermos for easy travel and add to your dish once you arrive at your Thanksgiving get-together.

Tip #9: Freshen Up Your Sliced Turkey

If you didn’t have time to make your turkey in the slow cooker, you can also add a little moisture to the turkey post-carving in case it has begun to dry out. Before serving, place your cut slices in a 13x9 pan and drizzle with hot chicken broth to both warm and moisten your carved turkey.