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Hallowtween Party

four children dressed in costume
Crank up the creep-o-meter for this age group. Freaking out is what they’re all about. MORE+ LESS-
four children dressed in costume
spider web pizza

Spooktacular Menu

Pizza Party Make your tweens part of the mealtime action. Set up a DIY pizza bar and have them test their artistry by creating the spookiest pies they can think of. Get Inspired: Spooky Spiderweb Pie

Snacks Choose from 50 tween-flavor-friendly Chex Mixes. Get Chex Mix Recipes

Dessert The only way there’ll be leftovers is if the partiers manage to freak themselves out of an appetite. Halloween Party Pops


Décor + Costume Ideas

Kick up the Fright Factor Go all out with ghoulish decorations. This group loves strobe lights, fog machines, spider webs and haunted house effects. The darker and creepier, the better.

Costume Competition Forget “Everyone’s a Winner.” Turn this year’s costume contest into bloodsport by offering high-value prizes such as restaurant or music gift cards, movie tickets or a no-chores week.

cat and pumpkin

Game Time: Scavenger Hunt at Dusk

Send groups of two or three out just as the sun is setting. Give them 30 to 45 minutes to collect 10 things from your neighbors. Have them hunt for Box Tops for Education® (to donate later) and wacky stuff such as popcorn seeds, double-sided tape, a black cat (make them prove it with a phone pic) or a sock with a hole in it.