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The Doughboy's Favorite Part of the Christmas Tree: The Bottom Third

Updated November 19, 2019
Kids decorating the bottom of a Christmas Tree
Like kids everywhere, the Doughboy knows just where every ornament belongs on the Christmas tree: 30 inches from the floor, tops.

It’s a tradition that repeats itself every year, and yet never gets old: When families everywhere gather in their living rooms to put up a tree together, officially celebrating the start of the Christmas season.

Some families make a day of traveling to the tree farm to pick out their favorite fresh spruce to bring home, while others dust off the hand-me-down artificial evergreen that’s been hibernating in a box in the basement cubby for the last 11 months. Then, of course, comes the most fun part—decorating the tree itself! Dad adds the twinkle lights; Mom puts on Christmas tunes and makes a batch of hot cocoa with marshmallows. And the kids? They have the best job of all, of course: hanging the ornaments.

From shiny red-nosed reindeer ornaments to glittery glass spheres (including—oops!—one that just broke); from a popsicle-stick picture frame to that one handmade, three-pound clay wreath from preschool that we HAVE TO make room for; every decoration takes its rightful place on the bottom third of the Christmas tree. When it’s all done, it may be colorful, quirky and slightly off-kilter, yes, but it also feels like family. It feels like home. It feels just like Christmas.

The Doughboy knows better than anyone that decorating the Christmas tree together is an especially treasured time to make memories with the people you love. So if you need easy, family-friendly ideas to make extra (and extra-special!) homemade trimmings for your tree this season, we’ve got them. (Bonus: They work great for the top two-thirds of the tree, too.)

Easy Stained Glass Holiday Cookies

Easy Stained Glass Holiday Cookies

Kids will have so much fun making and baking these stained glass holiday cookies! To make them into pretty ornaments, use a small drinking straw to make a hole in the top of each unbaked cookie cutout. After baking, reshape the holes for ribbon, if needed. Decorate cookies, if desired, then cut a ribbon into 9- or 12-inch lengths; insert piece of ribbon through hole of each cookie and tie in knot or bow.

Scented Cinnamon Ornaments

Scented Cinnamon Ornaments

These simply beautiful cinnamon-scented ornaments give the perfect homemade touch (and a delightful holiday-inspired scent!) to your Christmas tree. Have the kids help mix together a spiced dough, roll them out and cut out into festive shapes. Allow the ornaments to dry for several days, then place them on your tree! Expert tip: Trace your child’s hand and use as a guide to cut out ornaments to keep as a sweet memory of his or her small handprints.

Paper (and Pretzel!) Snowflakes

Construction paper snowflakes

When the snow is falling and nothing feels more right than cozying up inside with family, hot cocoa and Christmas tunes, make a day of it and cut out your own paper snowflakes to hang on the Christmas tree! We break it down step-by-step in our easy tutorial to show you all the best ways to bring your best creativity to the table, snowflake-style. Psst—we have an easy how-to for making pretzel snowflakes, too (which pair perfectly with that mug of hot cocoa).

Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls
Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls
Keep the fun of tree-decorating going with these adorable Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls! Little hands will love frosting and topping these easy-to-make trees with edible ornaments.

Christmas Countdown Paper Chain

Christmas Countdown Paper Chain

Fewer things are more magical than counting down the days until Christmas, so we made it even more fun with a paper chain that pulls double-duty as a countdown for kiddos and as a tangible way to remember what we’re most grateful for this season. Follow our easy how-to article to put this special memory-maker together, sharing everything you love most with the ones you love most. Then, twirl it around your tree as a decoration that slowly disappears as Christmas nears.

A Sweet Tradition

Pair a slow morning of decorating the tree together with the sweet taste of Pillsbury™ cinnamon rolls! Pro tip: Kids will love making them with you and eating them under the tree they’ve just trimmed.