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Kid-Friendly Winter Crafts to Show Thankfulness All Year Long

Updated November 20, 2019
Kids writing letters to Santa
Being thankful isn’t just a season, it’s a way of life. Show your thanks with these wintry crafts and share fun memories with your kids at the same time (double win!).

As the weather outside gets frightful, these thankful crafts remind us just what’s delightful. We’re all reminded of what we’re grateful for during Thanksgiving; why not keep that sense of thankfulness going all season long?

Here at Pillsbury, we want our families to always treasure what they’re most thankful for, no matter the time of year. To us, thankfulness is more than a seasonal sentiment; it’s a family value we can practice in so many simple, easy ways any time, anywhere. And, it’s a feeling we can share with our littles, no matter the age. Everyone can observe thankfulness in their own special way!

From cookies with notes of gratitude written on them; to a Christmas countdown paper chain that doubles as a daily reminder of what you and your family care about most; we share our favorite kid-friendly winter crafts for a snow day in or quiet night at home with your people to make memories that last a lifetime.

Gratitude Cookies

Frosted cookies with writing

Perfect for decorating on any snow day, these cookies are delicious and prompt your kids to think about what they’re thankful for. Start with a batch of baked Pillsbury™ sugar cookies and top with our easy royal icing. Then, using special edible pens (like these from Wilton) or carefully with piped cookie icing, have your kids write their favorite things on top of the cookies.

Paper Ornaments

Paper ornaments

These cute ornaments will definitely help put you and your family in a festive (and thoughtful!) mood for the holidays. Using your favorite colored construction paper, trace and cut out wintry shapes like snowmen, stars, stockings, gingerbread men and trees. Pro tip: We used a heavier cardstock for a sturdier ornament! Next, ask your kids to write or tell you their favorite things about the season. Finally, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of your ornament and thread ribbon or string to make them easy to hang.

Countdown Paper Chain

Paper chain

This chain has many purposes: It’s part activity and part decoration. Use this craft as an adorable countdown to Christmas and as a way to remind your family what you value the most. Start by cutting out strips of wintry blue and white (or Christmasy red and green) construction paper. Have your kids write down their favorite things in marker (black shows up the best) on the strips. Secure with clear tape or a stapler to make a chain. To make a countdown chain, make sure to have enough links to add up to the number of days leading to Christmas. Break one open each night and ask your little author to talk about what he or she wrote down and why.