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Tempting Food Gifts for the Holidays

Tempting Food Gifts for the Holidays
Get your gift on with homemade cookies, sweet rolls, truffles and more. Then dress them up with personalized packaging to make them irresistible inside and out. MORE+ LESS-
Wrapped sugar cookie dough tube with directions on how to make Mexican Hot Chocolate Sugar Cookies printed on it

That’s a Wrap! 

It may be what’s inside that counts, but the outside of this gift is pretty fab, too. To make, print the cookie recipe on 8 1/2x11-inch paper. Then prepare the dough, roll it in plastic wrap and cover it with the paper. Tie the ends with ribbon to seal and attach a plastic bag of any extras they’ll need (sprinkles, chocolate chips, crushed candy canes, etc.).

Cookie recipes they’ll love to receive:

Photo of a boy on top of of a box

Presents with Personality

Forget boring tags. Personalize your gift even more by adding a photo of the recipient to the front of the box. They’ll love knowing that something sweet’s headed their way.

You’ll never disappoint when you wrap up one of these treats:

bottom half of an egg carton lined and filled with truffles

Confection Collection


Give truffles, bonbons, cake balls and more a comfy home in recycled egg cartons geared up for gifting. Line each spot with a colorful paper or foil candy cup, add your treats and wrap up the container with cellophane and holiday bling. 

Try our favorite can’t-miss recipes:

white plate lined in ribbon with cinnamon rolls on it

Party Plate

Swag up your offering with an easy-to-decorate disposable paper plate. Punch out holes every inch or so around the edge, weave a ribbon through them and tie a bow. Place a circle of waxed paper in the center of the plate, then top with your edible gifts.

Bake up a batch of full-size cinnamon rolls, or try one of these:

cooking tin lined with tissue paper and filled with cookies and wrapped in a ribbon

Dressed to Impress 

A simple foil bread pan becomes the bearer of good things when lined with decorative tissue paper and tied up with some bright ribbon. Wrap in cellophane for the final touch.

These sweets are a perfect fit for the pan: