Holiday Sweets

By Brita Nelson
Created December 8, 2016
Frozen Mocha Mint Cups
Two seasonal yogurt flavors inspire a little holiday fever and a lot of delicious treats. MORE+ LESS-

To say I’m ready for the holidays is an understatement. My wreath has been on the door for weeks, and I’ve been planning my tree setup since before Thanksgiving. Unsurprisingly, holiday flavors are kind of my thing. So I’m excited about the two seasonal flavors of Yoplait: peppermint bark and mocha mint. 

Last week, I embarked on a mission to use these limited-edition yogurts to create my own kind of holiday dessert. A yogurt shake or smoothie was on my mind, and those require flavorful additions that will complement the yogurts. Peppermint bark has subtle taste and is very fresh, so I looked for light vanilla and similarly flavored mix-ins. Mocha mint has a creaminess that I thought would work with bolder flavors. 

As add-ins, I chose peppermint candies, vanilla-flavored wafers, chocolate syrup, toffee bits and a whole lot of whipped cream. Then I started blending. I wanted to make several single-serve shakes, so I used one container of yogurt per blended treat, 2 to 3 ice cubes and lots of toppings.


Peppermint Vanilla Smoothie

Peppermint bark was the first flavor I experimented with. The combinations were all delicious and were made even better by adding peppermint garnishes and whipped cream. My favorite was mixing the yogurt with vanilla extract and vanilla-flavored wafer cookies (pictured above). That combo was thick and creamy, with a light crunch.


Mocha Mint Smoothie

This flavor inspired me to be a little bolder than I had been with peppermint bark. I added anything and everything I could find to it. What really got me excited was mixing in toffee bits and marshmallows. Once I got on a roll of trying new things, I couldn’t stop. 

Ultimately, I found that I like my mocha mint smoothie best when paired with more chocolate. I can’t help it; I’m obsessed with chocolate, and adding more was the best option I could think of. In the shake pictured above, I combined the yogurt with chocolate syrup and cocoa powder, adding peppermint candy for a garnish. 

I’m seeing more and more recipes popping up using these new flavors, and I’m looking forward to try them out. Here are four that caught my attention and look holiday-perfect: 

1. Frozen Mocha Mint Cups

2. Mocha Mint Cordial Cups

3. Candy Cane Dip

4. Peppermint Bark Brownie Shots

How do you plan to use these holiday flavored Yoplait yogurts?