Holiday Cookie Takeover

By Kate Rogers
Created December 8, 2016
Whiskey Ginger Marshmallow Cookies
Pillsbury bloggers help Santa change it up this year with a week’s worth of new cookies. MORE+ LESS-

As Pillsbury editors, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to share our delicious ideas with you. Sometimes we have trouble containing ourselves. 

Like the other day, when we were channeling the sheer, unbridled joy of waiting for Santa when we were kids (my house: no sleep and once-a-year sibling harmony). Then we got started on what sort of cookies we leave out for the big guy (my house: spritzes and bell-shaped sugar cookies. Boring? Maybe). 

That’s when we decided to ramp it up by giving you something to really get Santa a-stirring. We turned to our network of talented We Heart Makers bloggers and asked them to help us devise a week-long cookie takeover that would do Santa proud. Move over, plain-old sugar cookie. 

I’m obsessed with what they came up with. You’ll have to visit us next week for the whole enchilada, but I couldn’t resist previewing a few of the highlights here – one naughty and one nice: 


Whiskey Ginger Marshmallow Cookies

I love how Blogger Amy Erickson gives the classic holiday blossom cookie an edgy twist. In my house, Santa will like a plate of these very much.


Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

Jocelyn Delk Adams knows how to get straight to Santa’s heart with her simple and perfect milk-chocolaty sandwich cookies. Swoon! 

Be sure to visit the We ? Makers section of our homepage next week to find out what else we have in store for our first-ever cookie takeover. And let me know what you’re planning to serve Santa in the comments!