The 7 Best Cookies for Santa (Plus Reindeer Feed!)

Created December 8, 2016
Idea #31
Set out cookies for Santa (we hear he especially loves chocolate chip), and don’t forget the magical reindeer chow for Rudolph and Co. MORE+ LESS-

It’s the night before Christmas! Nothing can match the magic and excitement of preparing for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve. One of the most beloved traditions of this special night is helping the kids set out a plate of homemade cookies for Santa alongside a tall glass of cold milk before bedtime. This year, have the kids help make cookies for Santa—we have all of the easy, kid-friendly recipes you need—and make some treats for the reindeer too with our quick recipe for Reindeer Feed Chex™ Party Mix. (You won’t mind sneaking a few bites once the kids are asleep!) Finish it all off with a handwritten note to Santa placed next to the twinkling Christmas tree and wake up to smiles and cheers on Christmas morning!

And don’t forget the reindeer feed! Leave Rudolph and his crew a little pick-me-up to keep them going on the big night.