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The Candy Cane Craze

By Brita Nelson
Individual Candy Cane Dessert Cups
We’re hooked on candy canes for every part of holiday celebrating. They’re peppermint-swirled Christmas magic. MORE+ LESS-

I’m a confessed Christmas decoration- and treat-lover. My sweet tooth is legendary, and my candy cane obsession goes way, way back. (I might even be eating one right now.) This weekend, as we’re revving up for the holiday ahead, I’ve got candy canes on the brain, thinking about treats, decorations and everything those peppermint-swirled sticks can do.


Individual Candy Cane Dessert Cups

For something light to munch on, I’ll be serving this peppermint Chex mix. It looks lovely on the table and is deliciously addictive. But what will really get people in the Christmas spirit are these Individual Candy Cane Dessert Cups. The crisp sugar cookies become light and cake-y when layered between whipped cream and refrigerated for a bit. They’re an amazing treat that can be made in advance – perfect for a holiday party.


Peppermint Mocha Cupcake

After all this entertaining, you deserve a treat. Why not crush up some red and white canes and use them in easy candy cane chocolate swirl fudge? It only takes 10 minutes, which had me convinced. Or if you’re feeling truly decadent, make these peppermint mocha cupcakes, also from Sally’s Baking Addiction. They’re good to the last crumb with a crowning jewel, crumbled candy canes.


Candy Cane Mice

I can’t pass this holiday by without making ornaments from my favorite Christmas treat. These Candy Cane Mice are essentials. I made a few myself this year (see above) and free-handed the cutouts so I could make more shapes. These are great way to use up any candy canes left over from the year before and easy for kids to put together. I’ll be hanging mine from the tree and using them to decorate DIY food gifts.

How do you like to use candy canes during the holidays?