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Easy Back-to-School Meals: Fill, Roll, Bake

Created September 6, 2023
Back to school means less time for meal-planning, but you can still score a weeknight win with these simple, delicious Fill, Roll, Bake meals.

Does back-to-school busy-ness have you wondering how to get a hearty, delicious meal on the table FAST? Luckily, pulling off a crowd-pleasing weeknight dinner in no time flat is actually simpler than you think. In fact, it's as easy as Fill, Roll, Bake!

What’s a Fill, Roll, Bake meal anyway?

Savory, delicious, and oh-so-satisfying, Fill, Roll, Bake meals are the quickest way to a weeknight dinner win. These easy recipes feature a base of golden, flaky Pillsbury Crescent Rolls that is stuffed with a variety of different ingredients and flavor combinations, then rolled and baked for a super simple dinner that’s perfect for even the most hectic evening.

Add your own Fill, Roll, Bake flavor

The best part of Fill, Roll, Bake meals is that you can use what you have on hand — any meat, cheese, veggies or other goodies in your fridge and pantry can come together to create a totally unique Fill, Roll, Bake dinner your whole family will love. Not sure where to start? We have plenty of Fill, Roll, Bake recipes to get you cooking. But we think you’ll find that once you get going, the ideas just won’t stop! From chicken, bacon, and ranch to ham and cheese and Philly cheesesteak to taco. Nearly any favorite food can be transformed into a fun Fill, Roll, Bake meal.

Different types of Fill, Roll, Bake meals

Along with different flavors, Fill, Roll, Bake meals come in different shapes and sizes. Stuff your ingredients into individual Crescent Rolls, to make great grab and go portions, perfect for busy families who need to eat and run. Or you can pack your fillings into a circular ring for a pretty presentation, or into a bake that’s similar to a hearty casserole — both make savory slices to serve alongside a crisp green salad for a full meal. Whatever shape your creations take, Fill, Roll, Bake flavors are always a hit.

Oh, and who says you need to Fill, Roll, Bake only at dinner time? These easy back-to-school meals make a great breakfast or a tasty snack hack. You can even try a sweet version if you want to finish your meal with a Fill, Roll, Bake dessert.

Whatever flavors you choose, Fill, Roll, Bake is the perfect go-to plan when weeknights are full of everything but time for meal-planning. These super-simple, fun and yummy Crescent Roll recipes are bound to be a hit with the entire family.