Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos

Created December 8, 2016
Easy Breakfast Burritos
Never leave home without a hearty breakfast, thanks to these individually wrapped grab-and-go burritos. MORE+ LESS-

Breakfast at our house is usually busy as everyone is hurrying on his or her way to school or work. One of my favorite things to do in order to make sure everyone is getting a hearty breakfast is hand them a stuffed to the brim breakfast burrito.

But who has time to make a piping hot, delicious breakfast on a busy weekday morning?! It’s a battle that I’ve won by making these quick and easy freezer-friendly, grab-and-go meal. Tortillas are stuffed with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese (a few green chiles for a Southwest flair) and some crispy shredded hash browns.

By spending just a few minutes on the weekend prepping these burritos I can send my husband and kids off to work and school, knowing they’re ready for their busy day.

Easy Breakfast Burritos

Start by whisking together 6 eggs, a few tablespoons milk and about 2 tablespoons of diced green chiles in a bowl. Cook the eggs over medium heat, stirring them occasionally until they’re scrambled. Toss in a handful of diced, cooked sausage and stir to combine. (I used 6 fully cooked breakfast sausage links, cut into small pieces to keep things easy.)

Now cook up some shredded hash brown potatoes according to the package instructions, until crisp and golden brown.

Hash Browns

Assemble the burritos by placing the crisp hash brown potatoes on a burrito-sized tortilla, followed by the cheese (you’ll need 2 cups total) and scrambled egg mixture.

Assemble The Burritos

Fold all the burritos up tightly, enclosing the filling.

Fold Burritos

If you want freeze the burritos, wrap them individually in a paper towel, then wrap each one in tin foil.

Wrap Them Individually

To reheat the burritos, simply unwrap and discard the tin foil, and reheat in the microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, turning over halfway through.

Ready to Reheat