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Weekend Roundup: Six Stuffed Eats

Easy Mini Meat Loaves with Tomato Sauce
Meals stuffed with tasty centers will unfreeze any winterized heart. Serve these and fill up on love, warmth and good flavors. MORE+ LESS-
By Brita Nelson

These days, I’m wearing so many layers to combat winter that I’m just a person stuffed inside a big, fluffy coat. The only thing people see is the jacket, but inside there’s a me, waiting to be unwrapped. Take a chicken breast and stuff it with bacon, and I’m the bacon. I’m going to be drooling all over my scarf again. But you get the point. 

Now that we’re on the subject, stuffed food is a really delicious concept. We could trace its history from manicotti to enchiladas and all the way up to the advancement we call Cookie Stuffed Crescents. But we won’t. Let’s just focus on eating. 


Easy Mini Meatloaves with Tomato Sauce

Serving cold people warm stuffed foods is rewarding. Especially when it’s these Easy Mini Meat Loaves with Tomato Sauce. If your family is complaining about the weather, serve these and BAM! They’ll be so happy when they find gooey string cheese hidden inside. These meat loaves are hearty, perfect for individual bites and ready in 30 minutes. A definite must-make.



The ultimate in food stuffed with other food is the doughducken (It’s essentially cinnamon rolls wrapped in cookie dough wrapped in crescent dough – yum.) Serve it as a silly centerpiece at a stuffed food dinner party, which you’re going to have to throw now, or as a post-dinner treat. 

For a main dish, I recommend this easy stuffed chicken breast. Or, for a stuffed brunch, go with these egg-stuffed breakfast potatoes.


Stuff Anything Upright Baker

To make stuffing everything way easier, try this Stuff Anything Upright Baker. Get creative and stuff your favorite foods inside other must-have dishes, like these Cheesy Lasagna Stuffed Peppers. You’ll never bite into anything again without thinking about what would taste delicious inside of it. 

What’s your favorite stuffed food recipe?