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How to Host the Best Friendsgiving

Created November 3, 2022
Young couples around the dinner table with candles
Family traditions are at the heart of the Thanksgiving season, but to confine that to a singular day with only half of the people you love can leave you wanting more. That's what Friendsgiving is all about.

Often held the weekend before the traditional turkey day, Friendsgiving offers friend groups a chance to start new traditions with those you consider family despite the lack of relation.

Are you thinking about hosting your own? Then, snag a warm cup of cider and settle in. You've just found the ultimate guide to hosting Friendsgiving.

List of names and a handmade nametag

Gather a Guest List

Like Thanksgiving, you'll want to be surrounded by some of your favorite people. So, invite as many friends as your table(s) will hold. Be sure to give them plenty of notice so they, too, can plan for the feast.

How you invite your guests is just the start of the fun. While group chats and face-to-face invites get the job done, e-vites and physical invitations can make the gathering feel even more special. Just be sure to follow up with your guest list to ensure everyone received your notice.

Turkey, pumpkins, pies, mashed potatoes, plates and napkins on a table

Build the Menu

To avoid spoiling your actual Thanksgiving meal, choose menu items you don't usually find at your family gathering. The perfect Friendsgiving menu has a little bit of everything from everybody. So, work with your guests to plan your friendly feast.

Need help planning your menu? These recipes are always winners at the dinner table.

Friendsgiving Menu

You can even use our sharable menu template to coordinate who is bringing what.

Hands adjusting a fall center piece

Set the Table

Simplicity is key to a perfect table setting, and you don't have to decorate your entire house to have a memorable night with your friends. Take a breath, and don't overthink it. Pumpkins, gourds, festive place cards, and a simple centerpiece are all you need to make the table feel special.

Entertain Your Guests

They're your friends, so entertaining them should be the easiest part. Be it cards, a holiday movie marathon, or a rockin' playlist; you're sure to have fun because you're with your favorite people.

Split the Leftovers

It may sound odd, but encourage your guests to bring their own to-go containers. This way, when the final slice of pie is eaten, and another bite of turkey sounds unfathomable, everyone can load up with a little bit of everything left over.

No matter how you plan your Friendsgiving feast, remember why you're hosting—to create lasting memories with the people you love.

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