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Weekend Roundup: NYE Indulgences

Chocolate Cherry Mini Lava Cakes
Don’t hold back! Chocolate, cheese and bubbly are total must-haves for your New Year’s Eve celebration. MORE+ LESS-
By Alyssa Vance

Full disclaimer: I’ve been on an indulgent-food bender way too long. I’d love to shut it down, but the way I see it, holiday parties and subzero temperatures have fueled a perfect storm that stands between me and clean eating. There’s no point in stopping now. With the end of the year just around the corner, I’m opting to ride out the season full of sweets, snacks and too much wine (is there such a thing?) and address healthier diet choices come January.

But If I’m starting the new year with a bout of clean eating, you’d better believe I’m going out with a bang. Here are three indulgences I’d like to see added to my New Year’s Eve meal.


Chocolate Cherry Mini Lava Cakes

Show me a person who doesn’t hear “indulgent” and immediately think of chocolate, and I’ll … well, I guess I won’t understand. I’m not a huge baker, but I do like to keep a stock of chocolate bars in my pantry for a nightly pick-me-up. But for a dinner event like New Year’s Eve, these Cherry Mini Lava Cakes or this Decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Tart are a surefire way to get a chocolate fix.


Cheese Plate

I’d happily have cheese for dessert every day. (And, quite frankly, as an appetizer, too.) Cheese and chocolate go hand in hand as decadent treats, and I fully back them making a joint appearance at your New Year’s Eve table. The blogger at The Little Kitchen gives a very handy how-to on assembling a holiday cheese plate, plus a yummy recipe for baked brie.


Champagne bottles

Nothing says “Happy New Year” like a bottle of bubbles. Here are five creative ways to serve sparkling, courtesy of the Celebrations at Home blog. I also love how this blogger gives seven fresh takes on New Year’s Eve bubbly cocktails.

How are you going to ring in the new year?