Bring on the Doughducken!

By Alyssa Vance
Created December 8, 2016
Dough wrapped in dough wrapped in dough offers up a twist on a holiday novelty – and a bit of comic relief. MORE+ LESS-

As food editors, we work ahead of the clock to bring you engaging, timely content. That means our days have revolved around Thanksgiving and Christmas since long before the leaves started hitting the ground. I’ve been thinking about pies, stuffings, Christmas cookies and turkeys for months. In the midst of all this culinary reflection, I keep coming back to the year my family baked a turducken. 

When I first heard the term “turducken,” my head started spinning in circles. What on earth did it mean? I had a vision of a poultry science experiment gone awry, a chicken with a turkey waddle hanging from its neck, quacking like a duck. I quickly learned it wasn’t an actual animal but rather a deboned chicken, stuffed in a deboned duck, stuffed in a deboned turkey. It’s a holiday dinner for some, a mysterious centerpiece dish for others. 

One night, in my holiday content stupor, I dreamt of a new version of this mythical dinner. But rather than use meat, it would rely on a bevy of Pillsbury dough products. In the spirit of the holiday season and all things Pillsbury and doughy, may I present to you the doughducken: frosted Grands! Cinnamon Rolls wrapped in another layer of cinnamon rolls, wrapped in Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, wrapped in a Pillsbury Crescent Recipe Creations Seamless Dough Sheet. I hope you enjoy.


What are some of the crazy holiday projects you’ve taken on this season?