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Top 5 Tools for Safe Cooking with Your Kids

Created December 8, 2016
Chex Muddy Buddies
Get the kids in the kitchen! Cooking with your little chefs is fun (and safe!) with these everyday kitchen tools.

  1. Egg slicer: Pizza night? Let the kids slice their favorite veggie toppings with this safe tool, then decorate their very own pies! It’s great for nacho toppings, too. | Try it: Freezer-Friendly Mix-and-Match Pizza & 4-Square Family Pizza
  2. Apple slicer: Cut potatoes into large chunks for safe and easy oven fry prep. | Try it: Garlic Oven Fries & Taco Fries
  3. Pizza cutter: Use a handheld round plastic pizza cutter almost anywhere you’d use a knife for a safer, kid-friendly alternative. Kids can do all sorts of prep, from cutting crescent dough for pinwheels to slicing up hot dogs to add to mac and cheese. (Oh, and slicing pizza, too.) | Try it: Hot Dog and Veggie Cheeseburger Skillet & Pizza Pinwheels
  4. Freezer bags: Get ready for spill-proof kid cuisine! Let kids shake up their favorite snacks (Muddy Buddies, anyone?), or put all recipe ingredients in a sealed food storage bag and let kids squish what’s inside for mess-free mixing. | Try it: Muddy Buddies & Chunky Chocolate Cookies
  5. Hands: It doesn’t get safer than this! Kids will love using (clean!) hands to help with sloppy, squishy tasks like tossing salad, mixing dough and shaping cookies. | Try it: S’more Cookies & Garden Ranch Pasta Salad

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