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5 Guilt-Free Snack Combos to Feel Good About

Fruit, yogurt, trail mix, string cheese
When each bite is packed with the good stuff—protein, fiber and other nutritious ingredients—not one choice is wrong. MORE+ LESS-
Fruit, yogurt, trail mix, string cheese, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, hummus, carrots, jerky, sweet potato chips

Fruit + Yogurt

Eat fruit that’s in season for natural sweetness that can’t be beat. Try it with Yoplait Plenti –your favorite Greek yogurt premixed with delicious oats, flax and pumpkin seeds – for an even more satisfying snack.

Trail Mix + String Cheese

These two kid-favorite snacks are better together! Keep it super-simple with good old raisins and peanuts. Bonus: String cheese packs protein and keeps you full longer!

Cucumbers + Hard-Boiled Eggs

Make up a few hard-boiled eggs on Sunday. While they cook, slice up a cucumber and you’ve got a grab-and-go snack pack for work that’s way better than any convenience store find.

Hummus + Carrots

There are so many crazy-delicious flavors of hummus at the grocery store. Try a new one with a better-for-you veggie dipper—like baby carrots—instead of crackers or pretzels.

Jerky + Sweet Potato Chips

Jerky is way more than dude food—it’s an awesome source of filling protein. And the combination of salty jerky plus slightly sweet chips can’t be beat. We’re all about these crunchy kettle-cooked sweet potato chips.