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5 Easy Dinners to Make with Pizza Crust

Spreading pizza sauce on pizza crust
Spreading pizza sauce on pizza crust

Pizza is one of, if not the most common, takeout food. We order our fair share of ‘za (Friday night dinner, anyone?), so we get it. That was before we realized how ridiculously easy (and fun) it is to make our own at home. Here’s the key to a quick and easy pizza night: Pick up a can of fresh dough from the store. Choose from classic, gluten-free, artisan, or thin crust. 

Pizza Pointers 

  • Bake the crust for a few minutes before going to town on toppings. This makes all the difference if you like a crispier crust and lots of stuff on top. More is more, after all.
  • If plain pizza isn’t your thing, try it upside down, or use the baked pizza crust as sandwich bread!