How to Break the Dinner Rut

By Kate Rogers
Created December 8, 2016
Turkey Pesto Roll-Ups
We’re inspired by We Heart Makers contributors for a new year of quick-cooking dinner ideas. MORE+ LESS-

Every January, I take stock of what I’m currently eating and what sorts of dishes I want to add to my weeknight repertoire. It’s my annual effort to fight the R-U-T-S. As a busy working mom, I’m all for quick, filling dinners that come together without a lot of fuss. Too often this translates to pasta, pasta and more pasta. Well, not this year. I’m determined to shake it up. Pasta, I’ll always love you, but my family deserves more. 

Luckily, I only have to look to our talented network of We Heart Makers bloggers for inspiration. Here are three non-noodle mains I’ll be making much more of in the new year. 


Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

I'm one of those people who can';t get enough buffalo chicken. So when blogger Gerry Speirs decided to turn it into lasagna, I was all in. And I know what you’re thinking – there are no noodles here, folks. Gerry uses Pillsbury crescents in place of traditional lasagna noodles for a fun twist on the usual fare. You’ll love it.


Taco Bubble Bake

Blogger Carrian Cheney loves this taco bake recipe because it’s an easy one to get the kids involved in. If they’re old enough to be safe near the stove, they can help stir the beef-sausage and bean mixture. They can also assemble the biscuit topping and prepare the lettuce, tomato and sour cream toppings. Depending on how efficiently the family line cooks work together, dinner can be on the table within 35 minutes.


Turkey Pesto Roll-ups

Dorothy Kern came up with these roll-ups as a way to use leftover turkey, but I’m finding that they’re equally awesome with rotisserie chicken from the deli for a quick, satisfying meal. Done and done.

How do you break out of your weeknight dinner ruts? Don’t say pasta!