BBQ Glossary

Created December 8, 2016
Grilled Barbecued Bacon Chicken Skewers
Take the guesswork out of some of the most popular barbecue and grilling terms. MORE+ LESS-

We’ve put together a super convenient list of some of the most common barbecue and grilling terms. You’ll be a master griller in no time. 

Barbecue: According to the experts, by definition, true barbecue means cooking meat using the “long and slow” method.

Barbecue Sauce: Sauces come in all sorts of forms – tomato-based, full of vinegar, mustardy or even more exotic flavors.

Brine: A mixture of salt and water, sometimes with spices and other flavorings added. 

Direct Heat: A quick-cook method, grilling over direct heat means to place to food on the grill rack directly over the heat source. 

Grilling: Cooking food on a grate (or grill) using natural gas, propane or charcoal. 

Indirect Grilling: Cooking is done to the side of the heat source, like over a drip pan in a covered grill. 

Marinade: A liquid mixture that adds flavors. Because it usually contains an acidic ingredient (like lemon juice, vinegar or yogurt), it can make tough meat tender. 

Mop Sauce: Used to keep the surface of meat moist during barbecuing, traditional mop sauce is made of vinegar, crushed red pepper and black pepper, although other seasonings can be added. 

Spice Rub: A mix of spices rubbed on meat before grilling or barbecuing. Spice rubs can be dry or wet. Dry rubs are made of ingredients like dried spices, herbs, and even dehydrated or granulated garlic and onion. Wet rubs can be made with fresh garlic and prepared mustard.