5 Must-Try Grilling Tips

Created December 8, 2016
grilled buffalo chicken strips on skewers lying on a bed of lettuce with a bowl of dipping sauce next to them
Summertime grilling is easy with a few foolproof hints! MORE+ LESS-

Want to know the secret to juicy, delicious food on the grill? 

Check out these top five grilling tips for incredible food every time: 

Grill all the time: The more you grill, the better you'll get. Experiment with where you put food on the grill, temperatures and different foods.

Don't get stuck: Brush the grill rack with vegetable oil or spray with cooking spray before you start the grill to keep food from sticking. (It also helps with cleanup.)

Season it: Add some flavor by brushing your meat with sauces while you're grilling. When you’re using sauces with lots of sugar in them, like barbecue sauce or honey, brush the sauce on during the last few minutes to avoid burning. (Remember to always marinate foods in the refrigerator, not on the counter.)

Even it out: Keep the heat as even as you can, putting thicker foods in the middle and smaller pieces on the edges of the grill rack. Leave an inch between pieces. Keep a meat thermometer handy to check internal food temps to keep meats, poultry and seafood safe. Check out the safe temps and grilling estimate times before you start.

Tong it: Turn foods with grilling tongs instead of piercing them with a fork to help keep the food juicy. Grilling tools with long handles are best. Try a grill wok (basket with holes in it) to grill vegetables, and special grilling tools for fish and other small or fragile foods.